Philips Medical awarded ALMAX EIS perfect scores for innovation, service responsiveness and product quality on their annual review.  Additionally, Philips NPI engineering teams named ALMAX EIS a “trendsetter in their domain” recognizing  ALMAX’s ability to contribute to PCP/NPI cost savings without compromising product quality.  ALMAX EIS shipments to Philips Medical had a 100% lot acceptance rate (LAR) for the year.

A ten year supplier to Philips, ALMAX EIS provides both line item delivery and volume delivery of interface components including membrane switches and rubber keypads.  They also supply interface electronics and complete interface assemblies.

“We value our long partnership with Philips Medical,” stated Bob Deppiesse, CEO of ALAMX EIS.  “At some companies the product interface can be an after-thought for new product design or even sourced as an unbranded, off-the-shelf commodity.  By engaging with ALMAX EIS early in product design, Philips has enabled us to contribute innovative interface ideas.  Together we have reduced manufacturing costs while increasing the quality and reliability of their electronic interfaces.”[/fusion_text]