Kirkland, Washington – July 14, 2016 ALMAX EIS, a global leader in electronic interface design and membrane switch manufacturing, announced the release to production of a new roll-to-roll printer.  The capital equipment purchase completes the facility upgrades at their Shenzhen facility.  Last month the facility’s new Class 1000 clean room was released to production.  Increased capacity was brought online at the facility to meet customer demand for lower cost off-shore prototypes.

The off-shore capacity is in addition to ALMAX EIS US-based design facility and a US-based manufacturing plant that can produces membrane switch prototypes in as little as 24 hours.  The ALMAX EIS US engineering team will manage prototypes running through the Shenzhen facility ensuring customers receives seamless support from design through manufacturing.

For additional information on capacity and equipment upgrades at the Shenzhen facility or to receive off-shore prototype pricing, please contact