ALMAX Booth at ID TechEx

ALMAX Electronic Interface Solutions sent an engineering team to the ID TechEX show.  The ALMAX interface design engineers provided free design reviews and product demonstrations during the show.

The ALMAX booth at IDTechEx showcased printed electronics capabilities that can support emerging technologies that are rapidly changing circuit and touch requirements.  Products that were showcased at the ALMAX IDTechEx booth include:

  • LEDs on Washable Fabric
  • Biosensors
  • Activated Captive and Haptic Switches
  • Ruggedization Electronic Interface Technologies
  • In-Mold Graphics and In-Mold Circuits – IMD
  • Multi-Sensor Interfaces
  • Interactive Haptic Displays
  • Backlighting Solutions

ALMAX has been designing and manufacturing electronic interfaces for over 20 years.  OEMs and re-sellers rely on ALMAX’s electronic interface design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to develop innovative and reliable products for medical devices, industrial controls and high-end consumer electronics.