ALMAX ITAR Registration

Kirkland, Washington – September 18, 2018 – ALMAX, a global leader in the design and manufacture of electronic switch technologies, announced their Tucson, Arizona manufacturing plant has registered with the DDTC and can now maintain ITAR compliance when supplying components to USML prime exporters.  ALMAX owns multiple manufacturing plants including plants outside of the United States, so the ITAR compliance can only be maintained at their Tucson, Arizona manufacturing plant.

“ALMAX provides customers a single-source solution for electronic switches that eliminates issues inherent with fragmented supply chains,” stated Bob Deppiesse, CEO of ALMAX.  “We recognized our customers needed an ITAR compliant manufacturing site to support their full product range.  As a discrete, US-only manufacturing location, our Tucson plant was the logical choice and our employees there have done an excellent job implementing systems and processes to maintain ITAR compliance.  We are proud of their work and excited to join our customers’ ITAR compliant supply chains.”

The ALMAX Tucson location, also called the ALMAX RP Division, has a core focus on supporting rapid prototyping for US-based customers.  Adding the ITAR compliance to the Tucson plant now gives customers access to ALMAX’s engineering and prototyping expertise when sourcing components destined for USML products.

Please email if you would like details on ALMAX ITAR compliance or a copy of our registration letter.