Heat-Sealed Membrane Switches

ALMAX manufactures Heat-Sealed membrane switches as a high-reliability alternative to traditional adhesive bonding. For over twenty years, we have partnered with our customers to bring high quality heat-sealed membrane switches to market.  In addition to engineers, we have staff well versed in usability and printing technologies so your membrane switch design will perform well and look fantastic.

Protect Your Electronics with Heat-Sealed Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is made by screen printing conductive inks in a specifically designed pattern onto a heat stabilized substrate. A graphic is added to the circuit using an adhesive. When clicking a button, it connects with the circuit, thereby communicating with the equipment or device. Applying heat-seal technology to our high-quality membrane switches produces a true hermetically sealed tactile switch and offers several advantages, including:

Higher Reliability in Harsh Environments

A membrane switch makes a solid choice for humid or wet environments – but only if the switch electronics are sealed properly. Inefficient sealing of switch layers is a common reason why membrane switches fail. If the switch electronics are not properly sealed, moisture can seep into the membrane switch and cause erratic or complete switch failure. Therefore, it’s vital to seal membrane switch layers with heat under pressure.

Cost Savings

Heat-Sealed membrane switches can be a cost-effective solution for product designs. Heat-Sealing adds processing time and material cost, but a reduction in product field failures may offset those up-front costs. And a Heat-Sealed membrane switch is likely a lower-cost solution than a rubber keypad or other ruggedized switching solution.

Full Color Graphic Overlays

Sealed membrane switches allow full cover graphic overlays to add an aesthetically-pleasing visual component on a keypad while supporting the product and awareness of your company.

No External Venting

A Heat-Sealed membrane switch eliminates the need for external vending so you get superior resistance to dirt, cleaning solvents, and moisture than are provided by a traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive or PSA membrane switch.

Additional Benefits of Heat Sealed Membrane Switches

  • Protection of switch back-lights
  • Easy to shield
  • Thin format applications are possible
  • Utilizes polyester or metal dome contacts
  • Silver or copper PCB solutions
  • Full color graphic overlays
  • Hardcoats available for graphic overlays

Use a Heat-Sealed Membrane Switch to Protect Your Electronics

Sealing a membrane switch is a manufacturing capability well outside of typical nameplate or graphic overlay companies. Using a single-source supplier for your membrane switch electronics and your graphic overlay is best. This ensures you get an adequately sealed interface.

As manufacturers of sealed, custom membrane switches, we have skilled engineering teams capable of evaluating your product switch needs and pricing parameters. Contact Us to take advantage of our free design review service to determine if a sealed membrane switch would be a cost-effective and reliable electronic interface for your product.

Unlike with many other custom manufacturers, you won’t have to wait forever to get your quote. Once we have your information, we can start the process it within 24 hours.