Almax  introduces a proprietary MaxFilm® LED backlighting solution that can be used with virtually any interface product.

The LED technology can be designed into a new membrane switch or retrofitted into an existing switch design.

Advantages of MaxFilm LED Backlighting

  • Provides a more even light distribution than can be achieved using a traditional LED
  • Can light larger areas than a traditional LED
  • Durable construction makes it appropriate for higher use applications
  • Contains an energy efficient LED as the light source
  • Expanded product branding and design options as multiple light colors are available
  • Possible to retrofit the technology into an existing interface design
  • Can be used with a variety interface technologies including membrane switches and rubber keypads
  • Proprietary manufacturing process enables high quality backlighting at competitive pricing

Please contact our engineering team to request a product sample or discuss integrating MaxFilm LED backlighting into your new or existing interface design.