How to Change a Tyre at Home?

It is not true that changing a tire could be done only by a car mechanic. Yes, the process could be physically exhausting and requires precision, but so does many other activities. All it needs is basic attention and planning and executing one step at a time. The following steps might help when you are changing your car tyres in Brisbane

  • Settle on a flat and comfortable surface. This will ensure that there is less movement in wheels just in case.
  • Also if you are having company or expecting any company, let them know ahead you are working on this.
  • If you have your spare wheel in your boot or any other place, bring it and place it next to you such that you could reach it if you just stretch your hands.
  • Keep the tools ready. The jack and wrench will be most important to replace your tire.
  • Use the wheel wrench and start loosening up the nuts on the wheel first. These nuts are around the centre of the wheel usually.
  • Start raising the car up using a jack. Do this slowly and once it is above the surface, finish with the nuts, completely remove them by further loosening.
  • Once the nuts are removed, it will be easier to remove the wheel. It could be very heavy, be prepared and put it aside.
  • Pick up the new tire; place it in the correct position. Start placing the nuts in position.
  • Once the tires are perfectly positioned, start tightening the wheel nuts. Remember not to fully tighten.
  • Again, lower the car putting the jack to a side. Now you could fasten the nuts fully, tightening them hard.
  • To ensure everything is done perfectly, do one last check for the tire’s position.
  • Make sure to put all the tools back in its place and clear up the old tire on to the boot of the car.