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What Is Power Inverter And How Does It Work?

A power inverter is a device that changes the stored power of a battery from direct current to the regular, AC that is used at homes.  The input and output and the overall capacity depend on the design of the specific battery and inverter combination and the kind of circuit used in it.

An inverter requires a power source that is a battery in most cases. The input and output wattage will depend on the capacity and intended use of the inverter. The inverter works as long as the battery is charged. The duration is dependent on the number of devices connected to the inverter at one time. One or more batteries are connected in different configurations. To increase the output, the batteries are used in a series and to increase the duration and capacity the batteries are used in a parallel manner. But in both the cases even if one battery is discharged then the other batteries also discharge and do not function properly. At times this may also lead to, some kind of accident and power tripping.

Invertero website is one place where you can get all the details about different types of inverters and how they are useful. Inverters have generally used a backup to provide power in the absence of regular power supply.

  1. These can be used at home when the regular AC power is not available due to any reason. These can run kitchen appliances, electrical and electronic devices and tools. Lights, fan, Air conditioners, TV, washing machine, computers, ovens and cooking appliances can be used even in the time of an emergency with the help of an inverter. The only condition is that the inverter and batteries should be so powerful to support these devices.
  2. These are very useful while traveling. Truck drivers like to use these for obvious reasons. These are useful for family picnics, camping, and long distance traveling.
  3. These are also used for converting power from the other sources of power like solar and wind power to regular AC power.
  4. Anywhere the power needs to be converted from DC to Ac power.

It is a useful equipment pretty essential for modern lifestyle and it is a good idea to research and buy.