Month: October 2017

The Best Van Leasing Decoded For You Here


We have been in this business for four decades:

Four decades and counting, we are committed to give the best to our customers who have unending trust in us. It is only because of them, our customers and our well wishers that we are still strong in this line and are continuously striving to give our best services to them. We have been rated as the number one van leasing company based on our van lease deals Glasgow by the auto magazine for three years in succession, a feat that has not been paralleled by anyone yet.

We have the best price guarantee:

In Glasgow and adjoining areas we have the best price guarantee. If you can show us any company that has prices lower than us we will not only match the price but also downright give you a 110% of the difference from our rate! We are so sure that there is absolutely no one who can even match our price because we are lesser than the industry standards.

Our partners:

Our partners in business are the best in the industry and we enjoy extremely cordial relationship with all of them and the symbiotic relationship is obvious. This kind of a setting works very well because the customer or the lessee stands to gain the most out of such a mutual understanding between the van leaser and his partners.

You can hire for domestic as well as commercial use:

The van lease can be done for a domestic as well as commercial use. Needless to say both the agreement terms differ with respect to a lot of terms and conditions. The mileage that is offered on both also differs greatly.

There is a van for every purpose:

Whatever be the reason, if you are looking for a particular van, we will have it. And if by chance we do not then we are also game for reverse van hiring or reverse selling where you can buy the van and sell it to us and in turn lease it from us. There are options galore at our palace – visit us to know more!